A Consultant

Swapnil has also been associated with many Events, festivals & organizations as an event consultant as a consultant. he understands the purpose of your event, the idea Behind it, studies the requirement and then helps you transform it into reality. Swapnil has been a consultant over Swapnil has been giving consulting to the known Festivals like Pratapsinha Mohite Patil Sanskrutik Mahotsav, Sakaal Shopping & Cultural Festival, Lokmat events, Housefull Festival, Enduro3 award ceremony and many more

As a consultant, Swapnil involves in guiding the organizers in everything which includes how to give variety of events in the festival, Conceptualization, Artist selection according to event, Light/Sound/Set design/Production setup, Advertising, attention grabbing event flow and budget planning etc. Swapnil guides the organisers in everything.

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