About Swapnil

Belonging to Sardar Raste Family, Swapnil has always been encouraged by his family for whatever he wished to pursue. His father Vasant Raste, an entrepreneur himself, owns a Mechanical Firm, while his mother Jayashree Raste has also been working independently. But it was his uncle Bhau Marathe, a popular Marathi stage show anchor, who inspired him to take up anchoring.

He started anchoring for Marathi musical shows since his college days. He always desired to be part of something creative and that is how his journey began in this field. By education, Swapnil is a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Production. He graduated in 2005 from VIT College, Pune. Since then, he has worked with major multi-national companies as a Software professional. He now holds a managerial post in one of the globally leading companies.

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